Tech Toys for Fat Boys


So I finally have my new Garmin Fenix 3 in hand. I’m completely obsessed with fitness tech and this right now is hands down the king of fitness wearables. I took it for a spin yesterday (by spin I mean slow walk) and it’s amazing how out of shape I am. Just simply walking up and down the street has me wheezing like I’m 95 years old.

It’s clear that I need to use this bad boy, and use it often. I need to start getting out there exercising more because I want to get back to the point where I can walk, run, hike, and bike and actually have fun, not just feel like I’m on the verge of puking any second. It’s amazing that I’ve let myself get this out of shape but you have to start somewhere. I’m starting very LOW, but I will slowly build myself back up. Daily walks need to be my prescription to fight this for the foreseeable future. Just get out there and put one foot in front of the other. Once the weight starts falling off I will feel so much better.

Scares the hell out of me that in late April I’m visiting Colorado to go hiking and the last thing I need is to let my current fitness level get in the way of having some fun.

Project 365 – Days 1 to 50

Project 365

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been 50 days! Craziness. These first 50 days have not been a smashing success, but I have learned a lot and am ready to take on the next 315 days!

I actually learned a lot just by starting a spreadsheet that keeps track of all the important info like caloric intake, exercise, sleep, and steps taken. I spent yesterday making this spreadsheet and it “clicked” as to why I’m not seeing the success that I want. I’m simply eating too much, and not moving around enough.

Listed below are my daily averages for the first 50 days on my journey…

Average Calories Eaten – 2,081
Average Calories Burned – 58
Average Net Calories – 2,023
Average Daily Exercise – 8 minutes
Average Nightly Sleep – 6.9 hours
Average Daily Steps – 5,059

To be honest I’m only satisfied with the nightly sleep. I’m going to aim to get that up to 7 or 7.5 hours, but 6.9 actually isn’t that awful. Caloric intake NEEDS to get below 2,000 per day. I prefer to get that number somewhere around 1,800 as an average and will work on that moving forward. Both daily exercise and calories burned through exercise are embarrassing! Those simply can’t stay at such a low level. Yes, we’ve been getting insane amounts of snow here in Massachusetts, but when you have an elliptical machine right in your living room there really isn’t an excuse.

There is some good news though. Despite my daily averages not being exactly how I’d like them I’ve been able to at least drop my first 14.5 lbs. That’s at least a start. That number could have easily been much higher had I been more strict on my plan but I’ll take it for now. There is nowhere to go but up from here! I WILL lose 100 lbs in one year. That’s still the goal.

I’ve made my Project 365 Tracker spreadsheet available for view, and you can find it here.